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Elevate your look effortlessly with our jewellery sets collection. These coordinated sets, available in rhodium-plated and gold-plated silver, are designed to make you shine on every occasion. Discover the ease and sophistication of matching jewellery that completes your outfit with style and finesse.

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"Shining Butterflies" Earrings"Shining Butterflies" Earrings
"Shining Butterfly" Bracelet"Shining Butterfly" Bracelet
"Shining Butterfly" Bracelet Sale price€65,00
"Shining Butterfly" Necklace"Shining Butterfly" Necklace
"Shining Butterfly" Necklace Sale price€85,00
"Summertime" Earrings"Summertime" Earrings
"Summertime" Earrings Sale price€49,00
"Summertime" Necklace"Summertime" Necklace
"Summertime" Necklace Sale price€79,00
"Two Silver Hearts" Earrings"Two Silver Hearts" Earrings
"Two Silver Hearts" Earrings Sale price€58,00
"Two Golden Hearts" Earrings"Two Golden Hearts" Earrings
"Two Golden Hearts" Earrings Sale price€58,00
"Ruby Glare" Set of Earrings and Pendant"Ruby Glare" Set of Earrings and Pendant
"Shine Bright" Pendant in Gold Vermeil
"Shine Bright" Earrings in Gold Vermeil"Shine Bright" Earrings in Gold Vermeil
"Shine Bright" Pendant in Sterling Silver"Shine Bright" Pendant in Sterling Silver
"Shine Bright" Earrings in Sterling Silver"Shine Bright" Earrings in Sterling Silver
"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Pendant"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Pendant
"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Earrings"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Earrings
Sold out"Pearl of the Night" Necklace"Pearl of the Night" Necklace
"My Heart" Necklace in Gold Vermeil
"My Heart" Necklace in Sterling Silver"My Heart" Necklace in Sterling Silver
"Pearl of the Night" Earrings"Pearl of the Night" Earrings
Sold out"Pearl Drops" Earrings
"Pearl Drops" Earrings Sale price€29,00
"Secret of Hearts" Necklace"Secret of Hearts" Necklace
"Secret of Hearts" Necklace Sale price€85,00
"Secret of Hearts" Bracelet"Secret of Hearts" Bracelet
"Secret of Hearts" Bracelet Sale price€65,00
"Secret of Hearts" Earrings"Secret of Hearts" Earrings
"Secret of Hearts" Earrings Sale price€56,00
Sold out"Lucky Clover Shine" Pendant"Lucky Clover Shine" Pendant
"Lucky Clover Shine" Pendant Sale price€47,00
"Lucky Clover Shine" Earrings"Lucky Clover Shine" Earrings
"Pearl Drop" Pendant"Pearl Drop" Pendant
"Pearl Drop" Pendant Sale price€21,00
"Frangipani" Bracelet in Gold Vermeil"Frangipani" Bracelet in Gold Vermeil
Sold out"Frangipani" Bracelet in Sterling Silver"Frangipani" Bracelet in Sterling Silver
"Frangipani" Necklace in Gold Vermeil"Frangipani" Necklace in Gold Vermeil
"Frangipani" Necklace in Sterling Silver"Frangipani" Necklace in Sterling Silver
Sold out"Honey Bee" Necklace"Honey Bee" Necklace
"Honey Bee" Necklace Sale price€75,00
"Honey Bee" Bracelet"Honey Bee" Bracelet
"Honey Bee" Bracelet Sale price€65,00
Sold out"Emerald" Set of Earrings and Pendant"Emerald" Set of Earrings and Pendant
"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Necklace in Sterling Silver"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Necklace in Sterling Silver
"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Necklace in Gold Vermeil"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Necklace in Gold Vermeil
"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Earrings in Gold Vermeil"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Earrings in Gold Vermeil
Sold out"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Earrings in Sterling Silver"Colibrì - Hummingbird" Earrings in Sterling Silver
"Colors of Heartbeat" Set of Earrings and Pendant in Gold Vermeil"Colors of Heartbeat" Set of Earrings and Pendant in Gold Vermeil
"Colors of Heartbeat" Set of Earrings and Pendant in Sterling Silver"Colors of Heartbeat" Set of Earrings and Pendant in Sterling Silver
"Emerald" Set of Earrings and Pendant"Emerald" Set of Earrings and Pendant
"Equilibra" Set of Earrings and Pendant"Equilibra" Set of Earrings and Pendant
"Crystal Glow" Pendant"Crystal Glow" Pendant
"Crystal Glow" Pendant Sale price€21,00
"Crystal Glow" Earrings"Crystal Glow" Earrings
"Crystal Glow" Earrings Sale price€38,00
Sold out"Blue Marine" Set of Earrings and Pendant"Blue Marine" Set of Earrings and Pendant
"Bee Cool" Necklace in Gold Vermeil"Bee Cool" Necklace in Gold Vermeil
"Bee Cool" Necklace in Sterling Silver"Bee Cool" Necklace in Sterling Silver
Sold out"Bee Cool" Earrings in Gold Vermeil"Bee Cool" Earrings in Gold Vermeil
"Bee Cool" Earrings in Sterling Silver"Bee Cool" Earrings in Sterling Silver
"Bouquet de Couleurs" Necklace"Bouquet de Couleurs" Necklace