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Amoare Origins

The Story of Love

It began as an extraordinary journey of lovers who, in search of the most beautiful impressions in the world, became enchanted by its splendor and all-pervading love.

This is how a luxury brand that embodies the essence of true love was born. The name "Amoare" is a combination of the Latin ideologies te amo and amare, which cannot be put into classical semantic frames and symbolizes a wide, selfless love for each other.

Amoare is a symbol in which twelve hearts intertwine in a continuous line, embodying the perfection, balance and enlightenment of true love. The elements dancing in the form of a kaleidoscopic circle highlight the heart of the amulet - the crystal - the center and stability of all-encompassing, all-conquering love.

Named after the iconic city of lovers, our signature Paris Collection captures the timeless romance and enduring elegance inspired by the captivating streets of Paris.

Core Values

As a premier luxury jewelry brand, Amoare is committed to crafting exquisite pieces that transcend trends, blending classic design with a contemporary twist. Our collections, meticulously created from Sterling Silver and adorned with 18ct Gold Vermeil, celebrate the enduring beauty of love and life's most precious moments.

Inspired by the desire to capture the essence of love, each Amoare piece is a unique symbol of sophistication and sentiment. Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is reflected in the intricate details and quality materials that define our collections. From classic simplicity to opulent radiance, Amoare offers a diverse range of jewelry, each piece designed to be a cherished and timeless expression of style.

What sets Amoare apart is not just the jewelry but the stories it tells. Every piece is a chapter in the narrative of love, carefully curated to resonate with individuals who seek distinctive and meaningful adornments. Our signature blend of elegance and uniqueness has garnered praise and loyalty from a discerning clientele.

At Amoare, we believe that luxury should be accessible and personal. Our brand resonates with those who appreciate craftsmanship, quality, and the enduring beauty of genuine emotions.

Explore the world of Amoare, where each collection is a testament to our unwavering commitment to timeless elegance, sophistication, and the celebration of love.